Simplice Senga

Simplice is 26. He is of Congolese origin. He is the first of four siblings. He came to saving faith in 2017 through the preaching of his friend. Prior to this, he was actively involved in church and heard the gospel on a regular basis. He is fluent in a number of languages including Luganda. […]

Vianney John Jjumba

Vianney is 23. He is the second born of 3 siblings. He grew up with his Christian mother who had some influence on his decision to follow Christ. He got saved during a conference that was organized by a church he attended when he was in form 3. Vianney currently attends Pursuers of Heaven Church […]

Sonia Kakunze

Sonia is 38. Sonia is married to Sibo and they have a son called Shema. She is originally from Burundi. She has been in Uganda for the past five years, but she has also had the opportunity to serve in India and China. Sonia grew up in a Christian home and had an opportunity to […]

Carolyne Kabasinguzi

Carolyne is 28 years old. She is the youngest of four siblings. She got saved in 2007 when she was in form 2. But her life was not characterized by a commitment to Christ until 2016 when she resolved to live for Him and serve Him faithfully. She recently joined Ebenezer Chapel where she is […]

Timothy Kigozi

Timothy is 24 years old. He had a difficult upbringing, which forced him to leave his family. God graciously connected him with a missionary family which has cared for him and been a huge source of encouragement to him. He got saved at a Christmas production at a church in town. He currently attends Cross Fellowship […]

Prossy Sentamu

Prossy is 30 years old. She is married to Alex, and they have three children: Prince, Chosen, and Alexia. She is the last born in a family of 7 siblings. Her father is a clergyman in the Anglican church serving as a missionary in southwestern Uganda. Her mom is a retired churchwarden. Prossy trusted Christ […]

Owen Christopher Murunde

Owen is 34 years old. He is the second born of 5 siblings. Owen got saved in 2003 during a church service at his school when he was in Form 2. He has since grown in his love for Christ through fellowshipping with brethren, reading God’s Word, and prayer. During school, Owen served as the […]

Jimmy Senkindu

Jimmy is 34 years old. He is married to Druscillar, and they have two boys, Jordan and Josiah. He was raised by a sister who was married to a Muslim. For three years, he worked for a security firm in Qatar. During this time, he was convicted of the need for Christ Jesus through an online […]

Desmond Okwairwoth

Desmond serves as the Graphics and Multimedia Lead. He loves God and desires to serve Him, make Him Known with all that he does through all that he does and to the best of his abilities. One thing that drives him is doing even the smallest of the things as though to the Lord. A […]

Paul Geno

Paul serves as the books distributer and assists with running the Equip the Church ministry. Paul is passionate about teaching the gospel to youths and students in colleges and this made him part of the fellowship of the unashamed. Paul’s desire is to reach as many and as much until the Lord calls him or […]