Titus is 22 years old and the firstborn of 5 children. He is gifted in spoken word poetry. Titus was exposed early on to the church, but this did not guarantee his understanding of Scripture. Consequently, he was swayed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. But then in 2018, Titus came to an understanding of his need for Christ, and he continues to have a burning desire within him to pursue truth.

He has continued to grow as a Christian by reading the Bible, longing to grow in the understanding of Christ and His great cause for all who believe and for the entire human race. Not too long ago, friends connected Titus to Senge Baptist Church, where he now consistently attends church.

A friend also referred him to AMT. Titus believes that AMT is a door into the depths of Scripture and that it will equip him in a great way. He seeks to grow not only in knowledge, but above all, in transformation through the wondrous Gospel of our Lord.