Joseph is 26 years old and holds a degree from Makerere in agriculture. He loves to farm and to teach/encourage others to do piggery.

While growing up, Joseph stayed with several different relatives who would support him with school fees. Most of these were Roman Catholic who were less concerned with church matters, and so he did not grow up hearing the gospel.

In 2019 while at university, Joseph began staying with a cousin on weekends who attended Senge Baptist Church. Joseph also began going, and the gospel slowly penetrated his heart, showing him his need for a Savior to redeem him from death to life, and he became a Christian.

By the grace of God, Joseph has continued to grow as a Christian by learning from God’s Word through his personal devotions, through Bible studies and by serving the children’s ministry at his local church. Through AMT, he hopes to acquire the understanding of the nature of God, and how to serve Him better through a local body of believers.