The Aim

Come and serve (CAS) provides a strategic opportunity, not only to share ideas, but to identify critical areas for collaboration that could strengthen the Gospel work of Living Word Uganda. As Living Word Uganda, we pursue an intentional commitment in Gospel collaboration with what we term as “gospel trip”.

With a Conviction that God is at work in the world and in the lives of individuals. Living Word Uganda offers an opportunity for our Partners to come, discover, and explore the work of God in Uganda for the agreed period of time. During this time a visiting partner(s) can explore ways of joining us in task of raising faithful bible handlers.

The need to partner with us

Christianity in Uganda has grown and in many ways we

  • Unprecedented commitment to personal evangelism by students on the university campuses.
  • Church members who are taking the challenge to seriously share their faith in love at their work places
  • Eagerness by the Ugandan church to take the message of the Cross to all ethnicities and cultures in the world.

With all this registered commitment and zeal, we still face challenges like prosperity gospel prevalent in our country, untrained pastors leading mega churches portraying a bad model of pastoral ministry, less interest in study of Christian literature and ministry fragmentation. All theses and more require a united effort if the great commission is to be realized.  Therefore, a call to come and join in the work.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who is passionate about faithful gospel proclamation, is excited about the vision of Living Word Uganda and is willing to come and explore. The willing partners assess their giftedness like teaching, leading small groups, administration, music training, photography and matches it with the available opportunities at living word Uganda to come and serve.

Possible areas of ministry and service

While with us, the opportunity to get involved and learn is immerse and can be in our ministry aspects which are all anchored in the phrase “faithfully bible handling” as elaborated below.

Rooted student ministry (RTS) 

A CAS Partner would be involved in the actual teaching, leading small groups, workshops, setting up at events, reading the bible one on one, sharing testimonies, manning the registration desk or LWU bookstall, serving teas/coffees, photography/videography, leading music etc depending on interest, this will be at

  • Students National Conference which takes place once in two years
  • Regional Bible seminars
  • Student symposiums – controversial areas of discussion are handled by faithful preachers
  • Rooted Campus Bible Studies – meeting students weekly for digging deep in the word

Equip the church (ETC)

LWU works closely with a network of likeminded local churches and pastors to run trainings to equip the church with tools of understanding the bible and proclaim it faithfully through the Equip the Church (ETC) program. Areas of interest include preaching/teaching and training pastors and lay people in faithful bible handling.

Apprentice Ministry Training (AMT)

AMT is a bible handling course run in partnership with churches seeking to equip believers with skills for faithful Bible teaching. The program sees apprentices assigned to pastors (mentors) and placement churches where they are trained and shadow their mentors as they live out and put into practice that they are taught.

Book distribution Ministry.

After the “gospel trip”

  • Individuals who have visited for a short term can in the end commit for a longer time of involvement.
  • Commit to periodically pray for the people and work of Living word Uganda –this implies receiving information from us like newsletter, prayer updates and reports.
  • Projects of writing literature together- Collaborate on content development and distribution of articles, books and magazines
  • Recommend the work of Living Word Uganda to friends
  • Partnership through giving to the work of Living word Uganda.
  • Collaboratively organize training events and biblical courses to resource the people

Watch the CAS Video here

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