Stella Atuhaire
Stella Atuhaire
Public Relations Coordinator

Stella is passionate about missions, ministry work and likes serving the Lord with the blend of her profession.

She likes working with young people and believes that the knowledge of the Word she has acquired, once shared faithfully with her fellow youths will make our generation better in faithfully handling God’s word.

Outside office,  Stella loves to meet up with friends, read, listen to music and eat.

Schwarz Martin Manano
Schwarz Martin Manano
National Team Leader

Schwarz serves as the National Team Leader.

He is married to Judith and they have one daughter Floella. He is passionate about preaching and teaching and equipping others in the same.

Schwarz served as youth pastor in Kampala diocese before training at the Proclamation Trust, Cornhill Training Course in London. He loves to spend time with family and play football in his free time.

Judith Manano
Judith Manano
Volunteer Administrator and Women's Worker

Judith supports in administration, finance and book distribution at LWU.

Judith is married to Schwarz, she trained at the Proclamation Trust, Cornhill Training Course in London. She is passionate about reaching out to Muslims with the gospel.

Judith enjoys coffee and loves looking after and cuddling with Floella. She also loves travelling and making new experiences.

Bernie Muluuta
Bernie Muluuta
Apprentice Ministry Training Lead
Bernie oversees the teaching and training work of Living Word Uganda primarily through the student work, the
Apprenticeship Ministry Training, and interactions with churches. He teaches apprentices and students.
He is passionate about the faithful teaching of God’s Word, discipling of people to grow in their faith and their ability to teach others.
In his free time Bernie visits with friends and family, listens to music,reads books, builds computer applications, scours the internet for jokes and grows his beard!
Martha Comfort Kwiocwiny
Martha Comfort Kwiocwiny
Administration & Finance
Martha is in charge of Administration and Finance.
Martha supports the different ministry departments in organising, planning and implementing ministry activities.
She draws her satisfaction and joy from seeing fruitful ministry activitiesand events coming to pass successfully. Martha has been enjoying learning new things especially about finance whilstat LWU.
Outside work she does discipleship, which involves getting alongside young women, doing life together,
growing in the knowledge of Jesus and seeing lives change.
If not talking to a young woman, Martha will be found spending time with a child. She loves travel, exploring new places and serene sceneries, music, reading good books and eating ice cream or taking tea
Chrispo Okello
Chrispo Okello
Student Lead
Chrispo serves as the Student Lead.
He is married to Sharon and together they have one daughter, Jemimah.
He is passionate about applying his God-given gifts of preaching, leadership, and administration. He enjoys serving in ministry roles that focus on God’s people’ spiritual formation.
His sees his purpose in life as living responsively to God’s call and God’s purposes, by taking delight in the Lord, making His desires his (Psalm 37:4) and in them find fulfilment and joy.
Chrispo loves adventure and travelling to new places during his free time.
Rachael Holyome
Rachael Holyome

Rachael is a Crosslinks mission partner in Uganda and serves LWU as a part time Women’s Worker. She enjoys
reading the Bible one to one with fellow women, children and teens. Rachael loves coffee and enjoys riding in
her land rover doing ministry in the city.

Derrick Rugamba
Derrick Rugamba
Ministry Training Facilitator
Derrick serves as Ministry Training Facilitator.
He also heads the Living Word Uganda library which mainly helps distribute solid Christian literature. Derrick is very passionate about preaching and teaching God’s word.
In his free time he loves to read, watch and play football.