Princellar is 22 years old and a self-described introvert. Most people call her Elvie. She grew up with her mom who is Roman Catholic.

Several years ago, they moved to Nansana. Because Elvie loves music, she was drawn by a group of youth who would pass by her home playing guitar. She decided to join them, though she did not know that they were born again Christians. But the gospel was preached at every meeting which opened her eyes for her need for Christ, and in November 2021, Evie trusted Jesus for her salvation.

She began attending Bravewood Church, but through various contacts, she was also able to participate in a ministry training program last year through Nansana Bible Church. Elvie was then encouraged to apply for the AMT program.

During Elvie’s time at AMT, she is longing to pursue further knowledge of God and gain more understanding of Scripture. She yearns to know God’s will and purposes for her life, and how she can serve Him better.