Faith Wanyenya

Faith is a calm 28-year-old wife and mother. She has been married to Jonathan Omara for 2 years and together have a son. Faith is the 2nd born among 5 siblings and grew up at Makerere University as her father was a lecturer there.

Faith attended church regularly while growing up, but says she was living a “passive Christianity” until her S6 vacation when she got serious about her involvement at church. She began growing in her knowledge of God and continues to want to grow in truth and in faithful Bible handling. Faith and her husband attend Ebenezer Chapel in Ntinda-Kigoowa where she serves with the children’s church.

Faith desires to be wholly grounded in the Bible so that she can better teach and explain it to others. She hopes her time in AMT will also encourage her to be bolder and more deliberate in sharing the gospel and other biblical truths with family and neighbors.

Besides singing with her husband, Faith is passionate about engaging in meaningful conversations about life from a biblical perspective.