Pius is 30 years old and the pastor of Bravewood Church in Nansana-Wamala. He has been married for more than four years to Jackie Nsamba, who is a teacher, and together they have two children: a daughter and a son.

Pius grew up with his maternal grandmother and was not exposed to the gospel during those years. It was not until attending a service while in secondary school, that Pius heard the gospel and became a Christian. He has continued to grow through discipleship classes and attending conferences, and is influenced by sound preachers and books.

A personal strength Pius has is to minister among youth, and he is gifted in preaching, writing songs and playing instruments, using these to encourage others in their Christian walk. He is a good listener and reads a lot of books.

With knowledge from AMT, Pius looks forward to being trained so that he can also equip the members of his church to handle the Bible faithfully, and to live their Christian lives in a manner that pleases the Lord.