Titus is 22 years old and the firstborn of 5 children. He is gifted in spoken word poetry. Titus was exposed early on to the church, but this did not guarantee his understanding of Scripture. Consequently, he was swayed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. But then in 2018, Titus came to an understanding of his need for Christ, and he continues to have a burning desire within him to pursue truth.

He has continued to grow as a Christian by reading the Bible, longing to grow in the understanding of Christ and His great cause for all who believe and for the entire human race. Not too long ago, friends connected Titus to Senge Baptist Church, where he now consistently attends church.

A friend also referred him to AMT. Titus believes that AMT is a door into the depths of Scripture and that it will equip him in a great way. He seeks to grow not only in knowledge, but above all, in transformation through the wondrous Gospel of our Lord.


Silver is 43 years old and is married to Asha Mirembe, and together they have four daughters and one son. He has a diploma in Biblical Studies from Africa Renewal University. Silver joined Calvary Chapel Kampala in 2010 and several years later planted another branch in Mukono, where he serves as the pastor.

Silver trusted Christ for salvation in 2001. He has continued to grow through discipleship and various training. Additionally, he is influenced by books, local pastors and various speakers and tries to implement what he learns through them. He is gifted in teaching the Bible to believers, and enjoys counselling and working with people as a team.

Silver believes AMT has great training materials and teaching which will equip him with a deeper understanding of the Bible, thus empowering him to better minister to the believers in the church.


Princellar is 22 years old and a self-described introvert. Most people call her Elvie. She grew up with her mom who is Roman Catholic.

Several years ago, they moved to Nansana. Because Elvie loves music, she was drawn by a group of youth who would pass by her home playing guitar. She decided to join them, though she did not know that they were born again Christians. But the gospel was preached at every meeting which opened her eyes for her need for Christ, and in November 2021, Evie trusted Jesus for her salvation.

She began attending Bravewood Church, but through various contacts, she was also able to participate in a ministry training program last year through Nansana Bible Church. Elvie was then encouraged to apply for the AMT program.

During Elvie’s time at AMT, she is longing to pursue further knowledge of God and gain more understanding of Scripture. She yearns to know God’s will and purposes for her life, and how she can serve Him better.


Shallone is 39 years old and is married to Rev. Aaron Batte. Together they have 4 children, two daughters and two sons, the oldest being in S1 and the youngest beginning baby class this year. Shallone holds two Master’s degrees and lectures part-time at Kyambogo University.

In 2005, Shallone developed a nerve complication and no doctor could identify the disease. She decided to go to a church where she was prayed for and was healed. From that point, she was drawn to Christ and what it really meant to be a Christian, placing her faith in Christ for salvation. She has continued to grow as a Christian by reading the Bible and attending fellowships.

She is involved in her church (St. James Chapel at MUBS) through counselling university girls and young married ladies, organising women conferences, and by encouraging Christian women in the Lord.

Through the AMT program, Shallone desires to understand her faith deeply and to learn more about Bible interpretation, and preaching the Word of God to fellow Christians in her circles of influence.


Martin is 34 years old and enjoys interacting with people. He was raised in an Anglican background, but was pursuing things that did not satisfy until 2012, when at university, he realized his need for a Savior and was saved. Today, Martin is a growing believer and is always eager to both hear, and learn from, good Bible teaching. Martin currently attends Ebenezer Chapel where he serves in the children’s church.

Martin desires to grow in the knowledge of the Word of God as a true Christian, delighting in the Word, understanding, and practising it in all places. He finds it so necessary and helpful for personal consistency in Bible reading and study.

Because Martin is passionate about biblical counselling, he looks forward through AMT to learn more on understanding Bible context, how to study the Bible, teach or share the gospel, and to faithfully handle different texts or books of the Bible. He also hopes to apply biblical knowledge in his volunteer ministry work as well as using the biblical worldview better in counselling.



Pius is 30 years old and the pastor of Bravewood Church in Nansana-Wamala. He has been married for more than four years to Jackie Nsamba, who is a teacher, and together they have two children: a daughter and a son.

Pius grew up with his maternal grandmother and was not exposed to the gospel during those years. It was not until attending a service while in secondary school, that Pius heard the gospel and became a Christian. He has continued to grow through discipleship classes and attending conferences, and is influenced by sound preachers and books.

A personal strength Pius has is to minister among youth, and he is gifted in preaching, writing songs and playing instruments, using these to encourage others in their Christian walk. He is a good listener and reads a lot of books.

With knowledge from AMT, Pius looks forward to being trained so that he can also equip the members of his church to handle the Bible faithfully, and to live their Christian lives in a manner that pleases the Lord.