This is 5 day residential university student leaders conference in partnership with FOCUS Uganda and other likeminded folk. We gather about 200 university student leaders from around Uganda and East Africa for a week of teaching to acquaint them with the Bible and the basics of expository preaching. Reputable and faithful church leaders and student workers serve as facilitators and speakers.

We have been grateful for the time and commitment of faithful teachers in past like Andy Harker (9:38), Nat Schluter (Principal, Johannesburg Bible College), Pete Nicholas (Inspire Church, London), Jonathan Lamb (Keswick Convention, UK).

The teaching programme includes an exposition (each day begins with a Bible exposition by a selected pastor-teacher), Exegetical studies of bible books, Bible Overview and topics with particular relevance to the Ugandan student context are covered from the Bible

In the afternoons, students attend small groups which provide them with the opportunity for questions and clarification of understanding after the lectures. Feedback, facilitation and pastoral care for these groups are provided by experienced group leaders who oversee between 8-10 students.

Next year’s conference will be at Sufficiency of Scripture, Luwero. Please take note of the change in venue. The conference fee remains at sh. 60,000. We shall re imburse your transport from bus stop to bus stop. Please keep your bus tickets to qualify for transport refund.

A few places are left, so register now!

2019 Bible books:

  • Expositions – Zechariah
  • Main lectures – Exodus and Titus

A brief of the evening topical talks:

  1. A Pornified Culture.
    We are living in a highly sexualised society which is breathing, living and selling sex. A distorted view of sex and sexuality portrayed by pornography affects our view of self, self-esteem, our understanding of God, marriage, family and relationships. We would like you to discuss this in light of what the Bible teaches about how believers ought to view and live out pure lives counter-culturally. What we should be on guard against and how being negligent in this area will affect our relationship with God.
  1. SWIFT Lifestyle – Life online!
    We are perpetually connected to the Internet and engage in online communities e.g. SnapChat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. We are caught up in a race for relevance, approval (retweets, likes), acceptance and belonging. Our identity struggles are compounded by our sense of belonging to these communities.How should we use social media and the Internet in light of these our struggles? What Biblical wisdom should inform our use of social media? How does the Bible realign or reshape our view of ourselves, our identity, our values?
  1. Money and Career
    Young people are in need of guidance to work out how they will spend their lives in the service of God. How does one pick a career path?How should our choice of career and education be informed by our passions as opposed to choices imposed perhaps by parents? How should earnings influence the decision of the career chosen? What does the Bible say about our careers and how to earn money?
  2. African Traditional Religion
    What is African Traditional Religion (ATR)? We live in a culture that holds side-by-side traditional African beliefs as well as Christianity – we attend church and also turn to witchdoctors for help. Does the Bible permit that? Is Christianity a foreign religion? Is God not as powerful as the traditional gods? What dangers do African traditional religious practices and worship pose to those who practice them and to Christians? How do we reach those lost in ATR?

Come for:

  • God’s word
  • Fellowship
  • And Fun

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