Christian Books and Resources

We live in an age of information; partly because of the inevitable dawning of technology. This has without question brought information close to our eyes and ears. Information is a click away and without doubt has brought new ways of learning, dispersing, knowing, and accessing sources; Newfound abilities to communicate with people around the world.

Whereas information abounds in our times, it is also true that this information is uncatalogued and unfiltered, so we have information noise; it, therefore, takes discernment and guidance to access authentic Christian information in the present age, information that builds a biblical worldview, that will lead to spiritual formation and that will lead to the propagation of the gospel.

Living Word Uganda comes in handy to bring authentic Christian literature into your hands, libraries, and churches. We position ourselves to help you discern and catalog the information taken in. Living word Uganda has a comprehensive theological library and book center comprised of Christian literature designed to enrich students, researchers, and all people by providing resources that help Christians grow in their understanding and love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Aim

To equip Christians with the truth by making available the finest biblical literature. This is done to enrich the church’s role in teaching and preaching, hence becoming salt and light. And help disciple the believer to become a godly witness in speech and conduct in the world they inhabit.

How the Aim is achieved

Living word Uganda networks with churches, theological colleges, Parachurches organizations, and individuals in Uganda for library and textbook development and book distribution. Living Word Uganda in partnership with local churches distributes books to church libraries, institutional libraries, and individuals’ libraries at highly discounted/ subsidized prices

        • We invite those willing to visit our library to come, study, research, and enrich their publications or themselves.

        • Interested people/organizations can purchase Christian resources (books and other reading materials like bibles, DVDs, and children’s books at the lowest cost possible. Our aim is not profit-making Christian literature accessible to all.

        • With our ministry engagement among the students, pastors, and professionals through organized seminars and conferences, we distribute the books.

        • Coordinating small Reading groups in different churches, universities, and the marketplace.

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