Michael Heiz Muhumuza

Michael is a 32-year-old gentleman who is married to Eunice Natuhwera and together, they have one daughter and also care for a niece.

Michael growing up in a Christian home as his father was (still is) the pastor of a Baptist church, felt like he was naturally a saved individual. But when he was in secondary school, he pursued a fellow student who showed loving care to him, especially in the midst of some challenging circumstances. By S3, this love as well as the preached Word, convicted him of his need for a Saviour, so he placed his trust in Christ.

Michael attends Buteraniro Bible Baptist Church and is involved in several ways: he sings, plays musical instruments, preaches, and teaches youth & children. His main passion though is youth ministry (13-25 years of age).

Michael is looking forward to being a part of the AMT program because he loves to learn and wants to grow. He also wants to be able to teach others the truth of God’s Word effectively. Michael is passionate about seeing a life change and being a source of joy in people’s lives.