Aida Nampewo

Aida is a soft-spoken young lady aged 23, she recently
completed her bachelor’s at Makerere University and will be graduating in February 2023.

She comes from a Muslim family and is currently the only Christian. When she was in secondary
school, she attended Scripture Union and was exposed to Christian doctrines and the compelling
love and lives of believers. Aida started attending a Pentecostal church, but it really wasn’t
until the lockdown in 2021 while reading the Bible that she was truly convicted of her sin and
placed her trust in Christ.

Not satisfied with the teachings at the church she was a part of, Aida then decided to find a new
home church and began attending Emmanuel Baptist Church in Senge.
She is looking forward to being a part of AMT so that she can interact with other believers, grow
in the Word, and put into practice what she has learned.