We aim:

  1. To develop among students:
    1. A greater appreciation of the benefits of faithful exegesis and expository preaching.
    2. A greater appetite for training in the skills of faithful exegesis and expository preaching.
    3. An atmosphere in which gifted students are encouraged and supported to pursue such training.
  2. To equip students with the principles of faithful biblical exegesis and exposition, in order that God may be glorified in their own contexts as they:
    1. Feed personally from God’s living word.
    2. Teach and preach the word of God faithfully to others.
    3. Correct and rebuke error where necessary.
    4. Teach others these principles and encourage further training in their understanding and application.
  3. Unite like-minded individuals and organisations committed to the faithful exegesis and exposition of God’s word in East Africa so that:
    1. Such individuals and organizations are strengthened and kept accountable by each other in their work.
    2. A more co-ordinated approach among those involved is developed in this great task.
    3. Amongst such people, Christ’s love is manifested across denominational, geographical, tribal and other boundaries.

We are meeting these aims through Annual Conferences, committed to teaching the principles of faithful exegesis and exposition to undergraduate students. We had our first ever conference in  January 2014 with 169 delegates.

In addition to the conferences, Living Word Uganda runs an apprenticeship scheme (AMT) targeting lay members of the local church with a more comprehensive training within the context of a church. Follow this link for more.