Area Bible Seminars – ABS


The area seminars mainly serve 3 purposes:

Follow up: We hope to meet up with some of the students from the previous conferences for mutual encouragement in the gospel and fellowship

Tester seminar: We run a one day seminar to act as a tester for those student leaders who would be interacting with LWU for the first time. We choose one bible book and model faithful bible handling, preaching and bible studies. We hope this can whet their appetite for more training. These seminars also serve as refresher training for old timers.

Building relationships: We hope to interact more closely with student Leaders, Patrons and Chaplains of different institutions to strengthen our relationships with them and strike new friendships with others. It is through this that mobilization for students to attend the next conference is made more effective.

If you would like us to come to your area, university or institution get in touch with our student lead at