Living Word International is our partner organisation in the UK. Our relationship is described in a partnership agreement that describes how we work together. With other like minded organisations across the world we are part of a family or network all with the same ministry aims to the glory of God. To develop among students: […]

Focus Uganda

FOCUS is a community of Christian Union students and graduates who are committed to being partners in National and global witness. FOCUS training secretaries across the country have been key partners of the work of LWU. They serve as our as small group facilitators and chief mobilisers for all our student training events annually. Find […]


ACFAR responds to the challenge of cults and aberrant Christian movements. ACFAR is providing Christians with the resources and training they need to effectively defend their faith and reach out to the lost with the gospel. Their website as well as publications have served as eye openers for the students we meet asking various questions […]


The Johannesburg Bible College (JBC) is an interdenominational college offering men and women practical training in understanding and teaching the Bible through classroom based courses. JBC offers a year of training in which to: Strengthen your faith and joy in the Lord Deepen your understanding of the Bible Develop your practical skills in communicating the […]


Over the months we have been grateful for the generosity of 10ofthose in providing us with books that we can pass on to our students. Find out more

GoodBook Company

We have been working very closely with TGBC to provide books and other study materials at an affordable price for the Ugandan church. Find out more

iServe Africa

These are like minded brothers and sisters in Kenya serving the Kenyan church through equipping in faithful bible training. iServe runs an apprenticeship program in Kenya similar to our LWU Find out more

Langham Preaching

Langham is strategically focused to biblically equip the global church, raising up leaders of leaders in more than 90 nations. Find out more