Eunice Natuhwera

Eunice is 24 years old and is married to Michael Muhumuza. They have one daughter and also care for a niece.

Eunice had siblings who unfortunately passed away. She also lost her father when she was only about 4 years old. At the age of 7, Eunice started living with a relative who was not Christian and would not allow her to go to church, so she only knew God as her creator. Finally, an opportunity came when she heard the gospel and received Christ as her persona I Saviour.

Eunice attends Buteraniro Bible Baptist Church where she teaches children in Sunday School and is the assistant choir leader.

Through AMT, Eunice hopes to understand the Gospel better in order to share it with others and learn how to handle God’s Word correctly. She is passionate about counseling.

Faith Wanyenya

Faith is a calm 28-year-old wife and mother. She has been married to Jonathan Omara for 2 years and together have a son. Faith is the 2nd born among 5 siblings and grew up at Makerere University as her father was a lecturer there.

Faith attended church regularly while growing up, but says she was living a “passive Christianity” until her S6 vacation when she got serious about her involvement at church. She began growing in her knowledge of God and continues to want to grow in truth and in faithful Bible handling. Faith and her husband attend Ebenezer Chapel in Ntinda-Kigoowa where she serves with the children’s church.

Faith desires to be wholly grounded in the Bible so that she can better teach and explain it to others. She hopes her time in AMT will also encourage her to be bolder and more deliberate in sharing the gospel and other biblical truths with family and neighbors.

Besides singing with her husband, Faith is passionate about engaging in meaningful conversations about life from a biblical perspective.

Golden Fredrick Nuwamanya

Golden is a young man who comes from a family of 5 of which he is the 2nd born. He is 23 years old.

Golden had some Christian influence early on, and in 2013, after hearing a particular sermon, he was convicted of his need to accept Jesus as his Saviour.

He attends Zanta Community Church where he has been greatly helped in spiritual growth, especially through the pastor’s teaching and modelling of love and care for others. Golden enjoys serving in his local church through the choir among other ministries.

Understanding that he is young and has a lot of growing to do, especially if he is to be fit for church leadership, Golden looks forward to all that he will learn in AMT, particularly in Bible knowledge and how to teach/preach. He also wants to be able to articulate the gospel more clearly so that he ca n share it with those in need of a Saviour. He is also passionate about football.

Grace Ayebale Rukundo

Grace, an elegant lady, age 40 is married to Rev. Richard Rukundo and they have 3 sons.

She is from an Anglican background, as her father was a Reverend. It was when she was in Sl that she realized her need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and so trusted Him for salvation. Grace has been involved in ministry with children for 15 years and is currently a member at All Saints Cathedral Kampala where she serves as a children’s worker.

Grace attended a Living Word Uganda Women’s Bible Seminar where she enjoyed the teaching and began to see how being trained in faithful Bible handling could impact her own teaching ministry with children.

So, as she attends AMT, Grace hopes to learn to interpret the Bible better and be better equipped to teach/share God’s Word with others.

Other than her passion for the children’s ministry, Grace loves to sing, dance, and act.

Isaac Twebaze

Isaac is 29 years old. He is married to Stella and they have a daughter.

Isaac is the 4th born of six children (though one brother has died). He grew up attending various Pentecostal churches and fellowships. He was first convicted of his sins and his need for salvation when he was in Primary 2 after watching a Jesus movie but it was when he was in SS that Isaac truly understood the gospel and gave his life to Christ.

After hearing Rev. Rodgers Atwebembeire teach at a Living Word Uganda National students conference in 2018, Isaac began to discern that some doctrines often found in Pentecostal churches (most particularly found or characterized by the prosperity gospel and word of faith movement) are not biblical. He and his wife now attend Calvary Chapel Kampala.

By engaging in the AMT program, Isaac hopes to know the living God more and to serve Him in various capacities. He also hopes to learn how to faithfully preach God’s word. Isaac is passionate about faithful bible handling.

Michael Heiz Muhumuza

Michael is a 32-year-old gentleman who is married to Eunice Natuhwera and together, they have one daughter and also care for a niece.

Michael growing up in a Christian home as his father was (still is) the pastor of a Baptist church, felt like he was naturally a saved individual. But when he was in secondary school, he pursued a fellow student who showed loving care to him, especially in the midst of some challenging circumstances. By S3, this love as well as the preached Word, convicted him of his need for a Saviour, so he placed his trust in Christ.

Michael attends Buteraniro Bible Baptist Church and is involved in several ways: he sings, plays musical instruments, preaches, and teaches youth & children. His main passion though is youth ministry (13-25 years of age).

Michael is looking forward to being a part of the AMT program because he loves to learn and wants to grow. He also wants to be able to teach others the truth of God’s Word effectively. Michael is passionate about seeing a life change and being a source of joy in people’s lives.

Noah Mukwaya

Noah is a 29-year old married man and together with his wife, Grace they have two lovely daughters.

He grew up with 5 siblings and though his family had a Christian background, it was in 2007 that he attended a crusade and was convicted by the gospel, placing his faith in Christ for salvation.

Noah currently attends St. Nicholas Church – Kalerwe where he is involved in the music ministry; he sings and plays the keyboard. He is also passionate about preaching and is sometimes asked to preach at a couple of different churches.

Through AMT, Noah knows he can be sharpened in his Bible-handling skills which would help him in his desire to preach.

Peterson B. Mwesigye

Peterson is a 33-year-old husband and father. Together with his wife Catherine, they have 4 children including a niece they care for.

Peterson comes from a large family, him being the 8th born out of 9 children. His father was a priest with the Anglican church for many years, so this brought both positive influences and challenges in his growing up years. it was when Peterson was in S3 that he heard a sermon that finally made him aware of his personal need for salvation.

He is currently an elder at Nansana Bible Church and ministers through preaching, teaching, and leading music.

He looks forward to engaging in the AMT program as he looks to improve his preaching skills and being better equipped for leadership in the church. If God so leads, Peterson hopes to one day be sent out of Kampala to plant a church.

Aida Nampewo

Aida is a soft-spoken young lady aged 23, she recently
completed her bachelor’s at Makerere University and will be graduating in February 2023.

She comes from a Muslim family and is currently the only Christian. When she was in secondary
school, she attended Scripture Union and was exposed to Christian doctrines and the compelling
love and lives of believers. Aida started attending a Pentecostal church, but it really wasn’t
until the lockdown in 2021 while reading the Bible that she was truly convicted of her sin and
placed her trust in Christ.

Not satisfied with the teachings at the church she was a part of, Aida then decided to find a new
home church and began attending Emmanuel Baptist Church in Senge.
She is looking forward to being a part of AMT so that she can interact with other believers, grow
in the Word, and put into practice what she has learned.