Thomas Ojangole

Tom is 33. He grew up in the city of Kampala with his family. His first encounter with Christianity was 11 years ago when he went around visiting churches around their home out of sheer curiosity. He ended up joining the church through a friend’s invitation and gradually encountered the gospel and became a believer. […]

Sandra Kosse Annie

Sandra is 33. She was raised in an Anglican home. She came to saving faith during one of the school’s Christian Union meetings. While at school Sandra was involved in the music ministry. Now Sandra goes to an Anglican church where she serves in the music and children’s ministry. She became interested in AMT after […]

Prynce Joel Atiku Okuyo

Prynce is 37. He is engaged to be married. He was raised in a Roman Catholic home to a father who served in the military. While growing up, Prynce had a lot of questions about the various practices in the Roman Catholic Church but was never convinced by the answers that were given by the […]

Primrose Ninsiima

Primrose is 23. She came to faith in a Roman Catholic secondary school when she was 16. She heard the gospel preached in Scripture Union fellowship. She was a student leader in the University Christian fellowship while at the University. She attends and serves at the University Chapel… “I enjoy serving God and since I […]

Joanitta Ddambya

Joanitta is 27. She got to know Christ and became a believer through her fellow students in 2013. Although her salvation journey has not been smooth, she strongly believes that accepting Christ as Lord and serving Him was the best decision ever in her life. She serves at a Pentecostal Church in the heart of […]

Immaculate Ariko

Immaculate is 50. She is a widow with 2 boys and 1 girl. Having been raised a Roman Catholic, she came to saving faith in 2011 through her interaction with a pastor in her local area. Since then, she has grown to maturity through the reading of God’s Word, prayer, and fellowship with fellow believers. […]

Farida Nakazzi Keren

Faridah is 30. She was raised in a Moslem family. She was saved at the age of 6 in a Pentecostal church near her home. With a lot of pressure from her father, Faridah was forced to go to the Mosque on Friday while stealthily going to church on Sunday. Her family members now believe […]

Dennis Ssali Fortunate

Dennis is 24. He grew up with his Christian mother who was very influential in his decision to follow Christ. Dennis always heard the gospel from his mom but never believed it until 2015 during high school. He has recently joined a Baptist church with his family and is prayerfully looking for opportunities to serve. […]

James Onegiu

James is a 38. He is married to Glory and together they have 3 children – Caleb, Canaan & Ruth. He was raised in a Roman Catholic home. In 2007 he came to the Lord through his cousin’s preaching. James serves as the pastor of a Pentecostal church that he planted. He is very passionate […]

Arnold Arinda Bright

Bright is 25. He is the 3rd born of five and grew up in an Anglican church where his father served as a minister. He came to saving faith 6 years ago after his father’s persistent witnessing to him. He has recently completed his studies in Education at the university and was involved in the […]