Grace Ayebale Rukundo

Grace, an elegant lady, age 40 is married to Rev. Richard Rukundo and they have 3 sons.

She is from an Anglican background, as her father was a Reverend. It was when she was in Sl that she realized her need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and so trusted Him for salvation. Grace has been involved in ministry with children for 15 years and is currently a member at All Saints Cathedral Kampala where she serves as a children’s worker.

Grace attended a Living Word Uganda Women’s Bible Seminar where she enjoyed the teaching and began to see how being trained in faithful Bible handling could impact her own teaching ministry with children.

So, as she attends AMT, Grace hopes to learn to interpret the Bible better and be better equipped to teach/share God’s Word with others.

Other than her passion for the children’s ministry, Grace loves to sing, dance, and act.