Farida Nakazzi Keren

Faridah is 30. She was raised in a Moslem family. She was saved at the age of 6 in a Pentecostal church near her home. With a lot of pressure from her father, Faridah was forced to go to the Mosque on Friday while stealthily going to church on Sunday. Her family members now believe in the God they once rejected; which was is a great encouragement for her.

Faridah continued to grow through reading the bible, Christian literature and getting involved in various Christian fellowships. During school, she served as the Christian Union’s chairperson and warden.

She goes to a Baptist church where she is involved in leading music and children’s ministry. She is also very passionate about teaching the bible to women and hopes to do this full-time. While at AMT, Faridah hopes to be equipped for the ministry of the Word and to discover her calling.