Desmond Okwairwoth

Desmond is 26. Growing up, Desmond used to go for alter calls most times according to how the sermon touched him, but his point of no return and total submission was when he was 14. Owing to his passion for music, he immediately started serving in his local church as part of the music, multimedia, and sound teams. He enjoys reaching out with the gospel to his peers and leading small bible studies at his church.

Desmond has attended as a student and served as a volunteer at three of Living Word Uganda’s annual student conferences where he developed a real hunger and yearning to study the bible more hence applying for AMT.

Desmond is hoping and is eager to get rooted in the Bible at AMT so as to serve his church better through discipling young people. He would like to see young people grow in the Lord to a point where they too can disciple others. He is passionate about music and would like to take the gospel to musicians so that they would write, sing and play music rooted in the Scriptures.