Christine Aboth Eveline

Christine is 27. She is married to Mr. Naho. She was raised in a Christian home where she was always forced to attend church. She didn’t come to saving faith until 2013 during her first year at University. After her conversion, Christine served in the Christian Union as the Ass. General secretary. She and her husband have recently joined a Pentecostal church where they are still seeking opportunities to serve.

Christine is very passionate about serving in Music, Evangelism, and children’s ministry. She dreams of opening up a Christian music school to train and equip others to think biblically about music. On why she joins AMT, Christine says “I seek to be equipped with skills of faithful Bible handling and teaching, I have never had an opportunity to get schooled in the word of God, and yet I do ministry. It’s very sad standing before a group of people with no idea of what one is saying because of lack of training.”

Therefore, Christine hopes that AMT will equip her with the skill of faithful bible handling so that she will also support the husband in his missionary endeavors. She also prays during this time the Lord will deepen her passion to study and teach God’s word.