ETC Pastors Conference 2023

January 4th – 6th 2023

The Epistles make up the majority of the Bible’s New Testament. Out of the 27 books, 21 are epistles (letters). The New Testament epistles are close to our contemporary situation, allowing for historical and cultural changes that have occurred between the 1st and 21st centuries. There are differences, however, that the preacher should consider when seeking to apply the epistles today.

Therefore, we ask, how can one faithfully find meaning in context, let alone interpret, preach and apply the epistle in our time today? What tools should one have on his fingertips to unearth treasures from the New Testament epistles?

Through the book of Ephesians, Dr. Andrew Sach will faithfully and skilfully demonstrate how we can glean much from the epistles in interpretation and proclamation. There will also be a special session focusing on the doctrine of the Word of God as God’s complete final Word which carries His authority, is necessary and sufficient, and is true and clear.

We shall have six Workshop sessions which are a vital ingredient for the conference. These will help to put in practice the principles of Bible handling we are learning. Each session will focus on the exegesis of a passage from the book of James and select pastors will participate by giving a 10-minute talk on one of these passages and the group will listen and give feedback.  

the cost

The conference is non-residential at a cost of Shs. 120,000 for the three days. This will cover the cost of all the meals and conference materials. If you register before November 30th, 2022, you will only have to pay Shs.100, 000 as an “early bird” special. We encourage you to make use of this opportunity by registering here for participation. For questions, please contact Boaz Atuheire ( or 0703470621/0773067440