Its two years now, since I have attended, partnered and ministered in and with LWU Conference. I have interacted with different people (students, fellow ministers and LWU staff). I have been able to learn to handle different people and so can sustain and have meaningful pointed discussions.

Sitting with others in different exposition sessions and plenaries, I have gotten different eye-openers as I heard different teachers preach. I have got the opportunity to rub shoulders with sound teachers and so through asking relevant questions, I have benefitted.

As a small group Bible study leader, I have learnt a lot through thorough research and studying God’s word (with a task of teaching it in mind…) So, my leadership skills have been put to a test to see where I stand, and so over the years LWU has offered me the opportunity of facilitating and learning (to minister) in Small group bible study, thus I realize some growth.

I would highly recommend the conference to students and Gospel ministers because LWU is seeking to raise people who will faithfully handle God’s word, clearly deliver it in comprehensible ways and sensitively contextualize it to God’s flock.