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Ministry Partners and Students/Apprentices

Living Word Uganda works in partnership with the Ugandan Church and like-minded organizations across the globe for “mutual encouragement, prayer, and understanding to the glory of God.” Our Student Support Scheme is the means by which you can provide the wonderful opportunity for a student to:

Train on the LWU 6 months Apprentice Ministry Training program and attend the LWU national conference

We don’t ever want to turn away gifted and passionate students for apprenticeship who would highly benefit from our training because they can’t afford it.

Understanding the Partnership

We see our partnership as a mutual commitment, placing all parties on an equal plane and not simply one of giving and the other receiving. Being truly rich as God sees it, involves each of us bringing our various strengths and
endowments to the partnership for God’s glory.

Because of this “Apprentice” and “Ministry Partner” are our preferred terms to describe this relationship. We caution against any use of language which may undermine the “equal, but different” roles in the partnership.

The word “sponsor” should be avoided for a “sponsor” would not normally have correspondence with those they support. As such we encourage the Apprentices to avoid thinking of Ministry Partners as “sponsors” and think instead of them as partners, people with whom they will pray, seek godly advice, and share encouragement as they seek to serve Jesus in their own specific contexts.

By becoming one of our Ministry Partners you will be providing a wonderful opportunity for young men or women in
Uganda to have solid Bible training.

You will be given a specific profile of the person you are supporting or you can choose whom you would like to support by viewing the Apprentice profiles on this website. We hope that this gives you a good idea of why your partnership is so valuable and how LWU is making a difference in their faith and life.

How much does it cost?

The total cost per apprentice for 6 months is £360. This caters to training materials including books, internet access, travel costs, and meals. “If you are able, please provide the whole amount, though all contributions, however, small are most welcome”

E-Mail Link

If you would like, you have the opportunity to be linked to your Apprentice via email with each Apprentice chosen after a careful briefing on what is appropriate for their correspondence. We encourage communication so that you can share together what God is doing in your lives, pray for and encourage each other.

Apprentices will be aware that the financial expectation from ministry partners is that of a once-off gift for the course and that to be approached by the person they support for further needs however grave, would be highly inappropriate, even rude.

Whilst we do not anticipate any problems in the vast majority of cases, we recognize the temptation this may bring for Apprentices and the potential difficulties for Ministry Partners. As such, both the Apprentice and Ministry Partner are asked to comply with a few guidelines as below:

  1. All correspondence between ministry Partners and Apprentices must have LWU copied in using the email:
  2. Apprentices will not write regarding any need for money or material possessions, either for themselves or for anyone known to them.
  3. Ministry Partners will not donate any money or material possessions to the linked Apprentice without first contacting LWU to assess suitability.

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UK Supporters: Gift Aid can also be claimed through our partner organization Living Word International. To download a UK Giving Form Press here

Ugandan Supporters: To download a Ugandan Giving Form Press here

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LWU will provide support and deal with any concerns regarding the correspondence – via the same email address,