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Thomas Ojangole
Thomas Ojangole

Tom is 33. He grew up in the city of Kampala with his family. His first encounter with Christianity was 11 years ago when he went around visiting churches around their home out of sheer curiosity. He ended up joining the church through a friend’s invitation and gradually encountered the gospel and became a believer.

Tom is a civil engineer by training and is passionate about evangelism. He loves preaching and leading small group bible studies at his local church. After Apprentice Training, he hopes to teach and preach God’s Word faithfully in the context he is currently serving and hopes to serve in full-time gospel work.


Sandra Kosse Annie
Sandra Kosse Annie

Sandra is 33. She was raised in an Anglican home. She came to saving faith during one of the school’s Christian Union meetings. While at school Sandra was involved in the music ministry.

Now Sandra goes to an Anglican church where she serves in the music and children’s ministry. She became interested in AMT after hearing about it from two of our former Apprentices. During the interviews, she said she had been encouraged by how they had grown in their handling of God’s Word.

She hopes that the Apprentice Ministry Training will help her know God’s Word deeper and therefore become an effective minister in the ministries she is currently involved in.


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Prynce Joel Atiku Okuyo
Prynce Joel Atiku Okuyo

Prynce is 37. He is engaged to be married. He was raised in a Roman Catholic home to a father who served in the military. While growing up, Prynce had a lot of questions about the various practices in the Roman Catholic Church but was never convinced by the answers that were given by the priests.

He became a believer at the age of 10 through an evangelistic play about Christ that was shown at a cinema hall near his school. Since then, he has continued to grow through his involvement in bible study groups and fellowship with mature and godly friends.

Prynce started and continues to direct a film production company. He believes that God is calling him into media production as a means of witnessing to the world. He hopes that AMT will serve as a foundation that informs the content that he will produce as a film director.


Primrose Ninsiima
Primrose Ninsiima

Primrose is 23. She came to faith in a Roman Catholic secondary school when she was 16. She heard the gospel preached in Scripture Union fellowship. She was a student leader in the University Christian fellowship while at the University.

She attends and serves at the University Chapel… “I enjoy serving God and since I joined St James Chapel Makerere University Business I have got opportunities to be a leader at various levels and passionate about youth ministry, sharing the gospel, and doing bible talks.”

Primrose has attended a number of LWU annual student leaders’ conferences and seminars. She’s passionate about God’s Word, desires to learn expository preaching for effective ministry at her local Church, a reason she applied for AMT. “I want to dig deeper into the word, know how to interpret and teach it well to others.”


Joanitta  Ddambya
Joanitta Ddambya

Joanitta is 27. She got to know Christ and became a believer through her fellow students in 2013. Although her salvation journey has not been smooth, she strongly believes that accepting Christ as Lord and serving Him was the best decision ever in her life.

She serves at a Pentecostal Church in the heart of Kampala. She is part of the discipleship team that helps nurture new believers and follow them up. She also serves as part of the welcoming team (usher).

Joanitta expects to acquire Bible knowledge and skills from AMT which will guide her preaching and teaching the Bible to other people. She also hopes AMT will serve as a stepping stone to further Theological training for full-time Christian work.


Immaculate Ariko
Immaculate Ariko

Immaculate is 50. She is a widow with 2 boys and 1 girl. Having been raised a Roman Catholic, she came to saving faith in 2011 through her interaction with a pastor in her local area. Since then, she has grown to maturity through the reading of God’s Word, prayer, and fellowship with fellow believers.

Immaculate recently joined a Baptist church where she is still praying for God’s guidance on how to serve. She is passionate about Children’s and Women’s ministry. She hopes that through Apprentice Ministry Training, she will learn how to study and accurately handle the word of God.


Farida Nakazzi Keren
Farida Nakazzi Keren

Faridah is 30. She was raised in a Moslem family. She was saved at the age of 6 in a Pentecostal church near her home. With a lot of pressure from her father, Faridah was forced to go to the Mosque on Friday while stealthily going to church on Sunday. Her family members now believe in the God they once rejected; which was is a great encouragement for her.

Faridah continued to grow through reading the bible, Christian literature and getting involved in various Christian fellowships. During school, she served as the Christian Union’s chairperson and warden.

She goes to a Baptist church where she is involved in leading music and children’s ministry. She is also very passionate about teaching the bible to women and hopes to do this full-time. While at AMT, Faridah hopes to be equipped for the ministry of the Word and to discover her calling.



Dennis Ssali Fortunate
Dennis Ssali Fortunate

Dennis is 24. He grew up with his Christian mother who was very influential in his decision to follow Christ. Dennis always heard the gospel from his mom but never believed it until 2015 during high school.

He has recently joined a Baptist church with his family and is prayerfully looking for opportunities to serve. He is passionate about Evangelism.

Dennis hopes that AMT will grow his knowledge and understanding of God’s word and his ability to teach it. He also hopes that the Lord will help him affirm his gospel call.


James Onegiu
James Onegiu

James is a 38. He is married to Glory and together they have 3 children – Caleb, Canaan & Ruth. He was raised in a Roman Catholic home. In 2007 he came to the Lord through his cousin’s preaching. James serves as the pastor of a Pentecostal church that he planted.

He is very passionate about preaching and teaching God’s Word. He is excited about AMT because he hopes it will give him an opportunity to be more equipped for the gospel Proclamation. “I want to understand the bible more and be able to apply it more effectively,” says James.


Arnold Arinda Bright
Arnold Arinda Bright

Bright is 25. He is the 3rd born of five and grew up in an Anglican church where his father served as a minister. He came to saving faith 6 years ago after his father’s persistent witnessing to him. He has recently completed his studies in Education at the university and was involved in the University Christian fellowship as a small group leader.

Bright currently goes to a small Anglican church where he is involved with the choir. He is most passionate about the preaching of God’s Word and would love to be involved in this full time.

He believes that AMT will equip him with the needed knowledge and skills to faithfully handle the Word of God and help him shape his mind for further theological training.


Desmond Okwairwoth
Desmond Okwairwoth

Desmond is 26. Growing up, Desmond used to go for alter calls most times according to how the sermon touched him, but his point of no return and total submission was when he was 14. Owing to his passion for music, he immediately started serving in his local church as part of the music, multimedia, and sound teams. He enjoys reaching out with the gospel to his peers and leading small bible studies at his church.

Desmond has attended as a student and served as a volunteer at three of Living Word Uganda’s annual student conferences where he developed a real hunger and yearning to study the bible more hence applying for AMT.

Desmond is hoping and is eager to get rooted in the Bible at AMT so as to serve his church better through discipling young people. He would like to see young people grow in the Lord to a point where they too can disciple others. He is passionate about music and would like to take the gospel to musicians so that they would write, sing and play music rooted in the Scriptures.



Christine Aboth Eveline
Christine Aboth Eveline

Christine is 27. She is married to Mr. Naho. She was raised in a Christian home where she was always forced to attend church. She didn’t come to saving faith until 2013 during her first year at University. After her conversion, Christine served in the Christian Union as the Ass. General secretary. She and her husband have recently joined a Pentecostal church where they are still seeking opportunities to serve.

Christine is very passionate about serving in Music, Evangelism, and children’s ministry. She dreams of opening up a Christian music school to train and equip others to think biblically about music. On why she joins AMT, Christine says “I seek to be equipped with skills of faithful Bible handling and teaching, I have never had an opportunity to get schooled in the word of God, and yet I do ministry. It’s very sad standing before a group of people with no idea of what one is saying because of lack of training.”

Therefore, Christine hopes that AMT will equip her with the skill of faithful bible handling so that she will also support the husband in his missionary endeavors. She also prays during this time the Lord will deepen her passion to study and teach God’s word.





Ministry Partners and Students/Apprentices

Living Word Uganda works in partnership with the Ugandan Church and likeminded organizations across the globe for “mutual encouragement, prayer and understanding to the glory of God.” Our Student Support Scheme is the means by which you can provide the wonderful opportunity for a student to:

Train on the LWU 6 months Apprentice Ministry Training program and attend the LWU national conference

We don’t ever want to turn away gifted and passionate students for apprenticeship who would highly benefit from our training because they can’t afford it.

Understanding the Partnership

We see our partnership as a mutual commitment, placing all parties on an equal plane and not simply one of giving and the other receiving. Being truly rich as God sees it, involves each of us bringing our various strengths and
endowments to the partnership for God’s glory.

Because of this “Apprentice” and “Ministry Partner” are our preferred terms to describe this relationship. We caution against any use of language which may undermine the “equal, but different” roles in the partnership.

The word “sponsor” should be avoided for a “sponsor” would not normally have correspondence with those they support. As such we encourage the Apprentices to avoid thinking of Ministry Partners as “sponsors” and think instead of them as partners, people with whom they will pray, seek godly advice and share encouragements as they seek to serve Jesus in their own specific contexts.

By becoming one of our Ministry Partners you will be providing a wonderful opportunity for young man or woman in
Uganda to have solid Bible training.

You will be given a specific profile of the person you are supporting or you can choose whom you would like to support by viewing the Apprentice profiles on our website We hope that this gives you a good idea of why your partnership is so valuable and how LWU is making a difference to their faith and life.

How much does it cost?

The total cost per apprentice for 6 months is £360. This caters for training materials including books, internet access, travel costs and meals. “If you are able, please provide the whole amount, though all contributions, however small are most welcome”

E-Mail Link

If you would like, you have the opportunity to be linked to your Apprentice via email with each Apprentice chosen after a carefully briefing on what is appropriate for their correspondence. We encourage communication so that you can share together what God is doing in your lives, pray for and encourage each other.

Apprentices will be aware that the financial expectation from ministry partners is that of a once off gift for the course and that to be approached by the person they support for further needs however grave, would be highly inappropriate, even rude.

Whilst we do not anticipate any problems in the vast majority of cases, we recognize the temptation this may bring for Apprentices and the potential difficulties for Ministry Partners. As such, both the Apprentice and Ministry Partner are asked to comply with a few guidelines as below:

  1. All correspondence between ministry Partners and Apprentices must have LWU copied in using the email:
  2. Apprentices will not write regarding any need for money or material possessions, either for themselves or for anyone known to them.
  3. Ministry Partners will not donate any money or material possessions to the linked Apprentice without first contacting LWU to assess suitability.

To download a Student Link Brochure Press Here” 

UK Supporters: Gift Aid can also be claimed through our partner organization Living Word International. To download a UK Giving Form Press here

Ugandan Supporters: To download a Ugandan Giving Form Press here

USA: To download a USA Giving Form Press here

LWU will provide support and deal with any concerns regarding the correspondence – via the same email address,