Living Word International

Living Word International is the British charity that provides accountability, support and guidance to Living Word Uganda through a partnership agreement.

Our conviction is that as one body the church of God thrives most when each part with its unique gifts, respectfully works in unity for a mutual purpose.

Living Word Uganda is therefore managed by a fully Ugandan Board of Directors, who best understand the local context, in partnership with Living Word International a British Charity who provide prayer, training, and financial support along with ethical and financial accountability.
The relationship between the two organizations is defined in a “partnership agreement” (available on request) which recognizes these roles and mutual purpose; namely to bring glory to God in Uganda as expressed in a joint statement of ministry aims, underpinned by joint statements of faith and core values and by mutual respect and love in Christ.

Statement of aims

Statement of faith

Core values

Board of Trustees

The Board of Living Word International is composed of five Trustees:

  • Dr. Stuart Creed (General Practitioner and Founder LWU)
  • Miss Florence Menzies (Church Administrator and Secretary LWI)
  • Rev. Steve Smith (UK Director Serving in Mission)
  • Mr. Mark Stone (CEO Momo Ltd)
  • Mr. Neil Watkinson (International Director of Proclamation Trust)